Wednesday, November 15, 2017

C++ programming language part: 01 Programming Language

 Programming Language

Hi Think you’re ready to became a Boss of your PC
So, Share the time with your faculty
and run C++ & write the following program

//My first program
void main()
     cout<<"Hello, I'm Ludmina. This is my first progran ";
Result : What happened? We will discuss details a little latter. Let us have a close look as follows.

Hello from Nova System,
Think you really sure that computer just knows some binary calculation and nothing else. Think a little bit about HTML, whenever you write  “”, the color of the screen turns blue. So, your PC could understand your words means your language.

Cause, Something works as an interpreter between you and your PC. That is a software, made by any computer language. You know it also that software is a group of instruction for computer.
Imagine you are working with MS word. Microsoft has coded all the instructions of it. Is it possible to think that all instructions are coded by binary digit (Like 0110001)? Must something interprets the normal instruction to machine Instruction automatically. Programmers of Microsoft coded the instructions with a normal language interface and the binary code has generated by the computer Language.

Computer Engineers had coded the instruction of Computer Languages. Software engineers had coded the instruction for software by Computer languages.

Working Process: Language works in three processes.

C++ programming language part: 02 Compiler

Compiler: Compiler is the main part of computer language. Its interprets all instructions to machine Code for individual use. Usually we understand English, French etc The normal language. The computers only understand a language of electronic signal, called machine language. Software called the compiler converts the computer language to machine language. For example, There is a C compiler that converts programs in the C language to machine language.

Classifications of Language: Basically two types of computer language we use.
Low Level Language: Instruction of this language is like (+/-), (n/y), or binary instructions. Its very hard to write a program and not comfortable at all. Assembly language  is a low level language.

High Level Language: - Its user friendly. You can easily run your  Program to all computers without changing its instruction. It does provide a friendly interface and language like English. Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, C, BASIC are called high level language.

Code: Instruction of program is called “CODE” in Programming Language.

Source and Object Code: The Instruction before compiling is called Source Code. It does need to take the help of Compiler to run for each time. And the instruction after compiling is called object code. It does need to take the help of Compiler to run.

C++ programming language part: 03 Programming Logic

Programming Logic

A set of instruction to solve a problem is termed as an algorithm. Algorithms can be express in different ways, for example, by drawing flowcharts using specific symbols or writing the solution in simple English. The later is called pseudocode easy to understand.
Program no 1

// This is the first program
display “Hello”;
display “Nova”;
Output: Hello Nova

Exercise: Write a program to display your name.