Monday, October 17, 2011

windows 8

windows8 hierarchy

Windows, being one of the most used OS, brings great challenges for Microsoft to keep its users impressed in the next version of Windows.

Although Windows 7 has done exceptionally well since its release, Microsoft has been constantly working to make the next version of Windows a better one by further improving upon the existing features, and have added new impressive Windows 8 features along with a stunning UI.
Microsoft released the early version of Windows 8 on a prototype tablet last week. Those of you who would like to taste and experience the all new Windows 8, you can download the Developer Preview, which is currently in pre-beta version. The developer version shows off the current stage of the OS. It is available for free download, and comes in three different packages:

windows 8 start desktop
Windows 8 will ship with Internet Explorer 10 as the default browser. It will use tiled menus similar to the Windows Phone 7 interface. It 8 will run older software that is compatible with all previous versions of Windows.

Windows 8 will offer multi-tasking opportunities and  will scale to the operating device’s proper screen resolution. but applications will be launched from a tile based start menu.The web based applications and programs will use HTML5 and Javascript.

It is also very important to note that “Windows 8” is currently just a codename for the new operating system, which means the name can be changed at any time. Remember that Windows Vista was previously codenamed the “Mojave Experiment“, while Windows 7 on the other hand remained “Windows 7” during the entire development period.
windows8 hierarchy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

about office 2010 Ribbn Tab

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Office 2010 G wiebB n‡”Q me‡P‡q ¸i“Z¡c~Y© Uzj| Kx‡evW© ev gvDm †h †Kvb wWfvBm w`‡q wieb‡K G‡·m Kiv hvq| Home, Insert, Page Layout BZ¨vw` †h †Kvb wie‡bi Dci gvDm w`‡q wK¬K Ki“b A_ev gvD‡m ¯Œj evUb _vK‡j wie‡bi Uzjevi MÖ“‡ci Dci ¯Œj Ki“b A_ev Kx‡evW© †_‡K Alt Kx, ‡cÖm Ki“b cÖwZwU wie‡bi GKwU kU©KvU Kx Avm‡e †mwU †cÖm Ki“b| 

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Microsoft Word ïi“ Kiv

GKwU bZzb File/Document wb‡q KvR Kiv
hLbB Avcwb Microsoft Word 2010 ïi“ Ki‡eb| Avcbvi mvg‡b GKwU bZzb Blank W‡Kv‡g›U Avm‡e| G Ae¯’vq Avcbvi mvg‡b †h Screen †`L‡Z cv‡”Qb GUv n‡jv Microsoft Word 2010 Gi Screen j¶¨ Ki“b Blank W‡Kv‡g‡›Ui evgcv‡k, Dc‡ii w`‡K GKUv j¤^v `vM R¡j‡Q Avi wbf‡Q| GUvi bvg Inserttion Point (BbmvU©kb c‡q›U) ev Kvm©i (cursor)| GLv‡bB †jLv ïi“ Kiv hvq| D‡j­L¨ Kvm©i †hLv‡bB _vK‡e †jLv ïi“ Ki‡j †mLvb †_‡KB †jLv n‡e|
word 2010 Screen

1.        AvcvZZ †Kv_vI Enter Kivi cÖ‡qvRb bvB| GK jvBb †jLv †kl n‡j Kvm©i A‡Uv‡gwUK c‡ii jvB‡b P‡j hv‡e| wb‡Pi Text ¸‡jv UvBc Ki“b-
Rain, rain go away, Come again another day; Little Jonny wants to play. Rain, rain, go to Spain, Do not show your face again.Little Miss Muffet, Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey;There came a big spider.